Matthew Keoki Miller

Latest News

New Dramatic demo reel is online! Filmed with the A7S II. New Voice Over reel online as well! All new content under the newly-minted "Media" tab. Current projects in the work include a web series, VR narrative, and more! Keeping busy with a great improv team - we plan to start performing soon.



Delayed update! New headshots by! New Sony A7S II - productions and new demo reel coming soon. Starting UCB 201 next week as well as a V/O Intensive with James Murray of Abrams Artists!


UCB 101 Improv in the bag. On to 201.


Began my UCB 101 Improv Training! I'm terrified, of course.

Signed with Prodigy Talent! Continuing to take workshops and create projects.

First screenplay is officially registered with the WGA. Titled "The Devil's Piano", looking to start pre-production within a few more drafts!

Back in the acting swing! Time to rebuild my team. Workshops on the horizon...


Assisted on another BREG commercial, this time on crew.


Recently shot and directed 18 commercial spots for the series "Help Yourself" 2 days.


Another draft of my feature film script in the can!


Acted in a BREG knee brace commercial as "Patient"! Links to follow.


Been running camera and assistant directed a web series called "Help Yourself". Look for it on YouTube.

18.FEB.2015 update
Brand spanking new website. Better links. More photos. More videos.

Actor.  Writer.  Director.  Producer.  Cinematographer.  Mutt.